SkyBean 升降儀


豆形迷你聲響升降儀結構緊湊,非常精確,耐用可靠的飛行儀表。 電池會給你超過250個飛行小時。 為了最好的使用,SkyBean 升降儀應該安裝在頭盔上。 另外,坐袋吊帶也是一個不錯的選擇。 由於包含USB 電腦接口,SkyBean 升降儀是世界上唯一一款具有可調節音頻配置的迷你聲響升降儀。

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Very precise, durable and reliable flying instrument. Battery will give you over 250 flying hours. For the best possible use, SkyBean vario should mounted to helmet with 3M™ Dual Lock™ velcro system - five times stronger than classic velcro. Alternatively, harness belt is also a good choice. Thanks to included USB PC interface, SkyBean vario is the only mini audio vario with adjustable audio profile

  • High precision digital barometer with 10 cm resolution
  • long battery life – 250 hours (two batteries are included)
  • durable casing
  • PC interface for customized audio profile
  • configurable audio volume and sink/lift threshold
  • shandy, lightweight
  • colorful stickers
  • adhesive 3M™ Dual Lock™ velcro system Mount

Of course, basic settings like audio volume sink or lift thresholds can be set easily without PC. SkyBean vaio is great for paragliding or hang gliding beginners, hike&fly pilots, as a backup vario or just for everybody avoiding current electro-overloaded age. Have you ever been frustrated about new device without any included batteries? In your package are included two batteries to make you happier :)  Together, it will provide you more than 500 flying hours.


Dimensions: 62x28x15 mm (2.44x1.1x0.59")

Weight: 22g (0.78 oz)

Battery type: CR2032 button cell (battery life of 250 hours)


Package contains

  • SkyBean vario
  • self-adhesive Velcro 3M™ Dual Lock™ for helmet mount
  • PC interface board for customized audio profile
  • spare battery
  • user manual

Visit our YouTube channel to see SkyBean video tutorials.

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